Interior Architecture & Design

We are a full service interior architecture and design firm. Fully dedicated to our projects and clients, creating a experience of luxury design and service. Taking care of everything from the initial planning, through your style preferences and with our guidance we will create a proposal specific to your space. Your dedicated designer will discuss your must-haves for a functional home and decorative needs. Sit back, relax and we’ll take care of it all. From initial planning, management, til the final details.


Reforms & Renovations

From your specific needs and wishes we will propose a concept and detailed plan of the distribution. A proposal of materials and custom design of kitchen, bathrooms and interior according to the space.

Turn-key Rentals

Our experience of rental properties, knowing the market and the needs for a vacation home. We, together create a concept and design solutions that is specifically and custom to your property. Taking care of everything detail from initial planning to final design. Just bring your toothbrush.


Modern luxury living


“It is not about ideas, it is about making ideas happen”

Bespoke solutions & furnitures

Our signature style can be tailored to suit your taste and space. Creating bespoke solutions of carpentered kitchens, closets, furnitures etc. To create a unique experience and aesthetic of your property.


3D Visualisations

With 3d renders we can create a realistic view of your project and the proposed design in detail of material, furnitures and room distribution. Creating a preview of your project that can help to see all the details and exclusively tailored the interior design.



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